Rainmaker Designs is the collaborative work of two artists: Antoinette Magaletta & Dan McClure. Antoinette is an enamelist. Dan works in both wood and metal. We are employed by ARTISANworks in Rochester, NY and exhibit our work locally in art shows.

who we are


Dan McClure

I think of myself as a sculptor. That is always in my mind. It does not matter if I am working large or small, in wood or metal. I am an alchemist shaping molecules into shapes that please me.

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Antoinette Magaletta

I always knew I was an artist from the age of three. I would make pictures (designs) with my fingers and imagine shapes in my head. I received my degree in art from Caldwell College in NJ. I worked mainly in oils and watercolor.

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what we do

In 2009 Rainmaker Designs won the ‘hottest new product’ award for the Carosello Garden Chair at the Rochester Home & Garden Show.

These are photos of the real chair that the video above is based on.




Rainmaker Designs also has articles in The Dec. 2013 issue of Glass on Metal, the enamelists magazine.

Rainmaker Designs were featured artists in Grains of Glass, an online forum of international enamelists, Dec. 2013

Affiliated with ARTISANworks in Rochester, NY since November 2010.

jewelry main


Dan fabricates using both the lost wax method and water casting to make jewelry that include but are not limited to rings, cuffs and bracelets, neckpieces and collars.
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Wall Hangings

Wall tiles that are fused separately in kilns but placed together to make glass on metal wall hangings and architectural backsplashes and home decor are Rainmaker Designs trademarks.
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Artisanworks is not only a gallery but an event space where people can be inspired and immerse themselves in creativity.
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Want to buy

Interested in buying a piece of work from Rainmaker Design. Please feel free to contact us regarding making a purchase. We are happy to create custom made jewelry or wall hangings. We are always excited to start a new project and would love to hear from you!