who we are


Dan McClure

I think of myself as a sculptor. That is always in my mind. It does not matter if I am working large or small, in wood or metal. I am an alchemist shaping molecules into shapes that please me. I fabricate jewelry in Argentium fine silver, and use the lost wax method. I’ve built large wood sculptures for ARTISANworks since 2010 in Rochester, NY. These pieces are the property of Louis Perticone, founder of ARTISANworks. I live and work with my muse Antoinette and my Ragdoll cat, Gaudi in a 5 acre forest of Norway Spruce that I lovingly care for. You can connect with me in my studio in Shortsville, NY. Visitors are welcome.

  • SUNY at Oswego: BS 1978
  • SUNY at Oswego: MS 1980
  • Teacher for 27 years in NY public schools
Antoinette Magaletta

I always knew I was an artist from the age of three. I would make pictures (designs) with my fingers and imagine shapes in my head. I received my degree in art from Caldwell College in NJ. I worked mainly in oils and watercolor. In 1982 I began fusing glass to metal, commonly known as enameling or fire painting. Totally unemployable after I earned my BFA because I refused a teaching certificate, I then earned a Masters degree in Education from Virginia Commonwealth University, taught special needs kids for 34 years. Loved the kids, did not like the standardization. I ran a small jewelry store for a number of years while I taught….One Oak Jewelry. I love to travel and my wish is to get lost in as many places as possible before I transform back to being a spirit.

At the age of 61 I decided to stop making false choices for myself. Retired from teaching and began playing art shows and working for ARTISANworks in Rochester, NY. Working for ARTISANworks has given me the opportunity to fuse glass to metal on a larger scale than most enamelists. I prefer radical enameling over traditional enamel techniques and enjoy experimenting with glass, metals and very high temperatures in my kilns.

  • Caldwell College: BFA 1971
  • Virginia Commonwealth University: M. Ed 1974
  • Teacher for 34 years in NY public schools


our process


“One should either be a work of art,
or wear a work of art.”
– Oscar Wilde –

Antoinette fuses glass to metal, generally at much higher than average temperatures of 1500 degrees, making jewelry, wall hangings and architectural pieces. The process is known as enameling or fire painting. She works on a large scale for ARTISANworks. Her larger works in combination with Dan’s can be seen at this extraordinary gallery/event place in Rochester, NY.

Dan works in metals/ precious & semi precious stones as well as being an accomplished wood worker. He works with both domestic and exotic woods. He favors argentium fine silver and fabricates jewelry as well as using the lost wax technique.

Antoinette and Dan work individually on pieces as well as collaborating on larger pieces for ARTISANworks. The jewelry they both make is considered by them to be wearable art.

our studio

Rainmaker Designs studio is a 1,000 square foot space that is clearly divided up into two distinct sections. One for jewelry fabrication and the other for wood. The wood section can become incredibly loaded with wood dust & chips. The jewelry space needs to be kept free of debris. Vitreous enamel and wood dust do not mix well.

Visitors are welcome by appointment to come to the studio. Dan is open to having others watch him work, Antoinette wants you out of the way of her kilns often firing up to 1800 degrees. Enameling is an open kiln process and its mystery has been used by cultures for thousands of years.